Flooring Maintenance and Care

Maintain, protect and improve the life and beauty of your hardwood floors

Hardwood Floors, while resilient, require proper maintenance and cleaning. Protecting your floors means preventing dirt and grime from building up and protecting the floors from abuse and damage. Preventive measures include:

  • Placing floor pads underneath furniture.
  • Adding carpet backing underneath rugs.
  • Taking off your shoes to prevent scuffs and scratches.
  • Keeping plants in raised containers to prevent moisture from entering in the wood.


Without taking these precautions, your floors may become damaged, requiring repair which can be costly and inconvenient. Over time, with age and use, you may notice the finish appears dull and drab. Your floors may be ready for a recoat to add new life and luster to the hardwoods.


Cleaning your hardwood floors

Keeping your hardwoods clean will prolong the life of the finish. Common areas should be cleaned every two weeks at minimum. If kitchens are highly used, they can be cleaned every three days. Chemicals actually break down the finish of your hardwood. Several products that are safe for your floors include:

  • Bona Chemy or Glitza, available at most grocery and hardware stores.
  • Homemade remedy: 1 Cup of White Vinegar to one gallon of water.
    (Caution – never use yellow vinegar as the acid is too high and will cause yellow stains on your floors)


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