Create uniformity in your hardwood floors with a Sand and Finish Service?

IMG_9593_Sanding2_2600Hardwood floors will require a sand and finish service to restore an original look. Or, if a stains occur on the floors, a sand and finish service is the best way to restore an even look. Sanding and finishing hardwood floors creates uniformity in the color and finish of the floors.

When a part of the floor has been damaged and new wood is installed, or, laded in, the entire floor requires sanding. Calhoun and Sons will ensure that the new stain or finish will match as closely as possible to the existing flooring. If rugs have remained in the same spot for years, the sunlight will change the tone and color your floor, leaving distinct variations in color. Sanding the floor down to the raw wood ensures a consistent look when the floors are finished.Sand and Finish Page 2600x1600

Calhoun and Son’s standard finish is a high grade, commercial finish to ensure maximum longevity, including high traffic areas and heavy usage.

Water Finish VS. Oil Finish Water based finish has a different look than oil finish. Water-based treatments have less fumes than oil based products and include one coat of sealer and two coats of finish. Water based finish is the preferred choice if you have pets in the family or need low VOC. Oil based finished creates a higher gloss affect but may take up to 30 days for off gassing to completely dissipate.

Once we meet with you and evaluate your needs based on the size of your family and lifestyle, we make recommendations to ensure that the product select will match the usage of your floors. Request a FREE, no-obligation quote and learn how you can spice up the floors in your life!