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Restore the natural beauty of your hardwoods with our recoating service

Recoating your floors is a great way to create new luster and life to you floors. This is one of the fastest and easiest methods to improve the look of your floor and prevent damage to the wood through years of wear. Re coats typically occur after five years from the date it was finished, but it depends upon the amount of traffic and wear to the floor.

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How to care for your newly recoated floors

Here are a few of our recommendations to protect and care for your hardwood floors:

  • Floor pads:
  • Cleaning: It’s important not to clean your floors with any extremely abrasive materials
    1. Don’t use Murphy’s Soap Oil. This can leave a residue that won’t do your floors justice.
    2. Do use Pallmann Floor Cleaner:
    3. Do use Bona Floor Cleaner:®-Hardwood-Floor-Cleaner
    4. DIY Cleaner: For a clean at home solution you can 1 cup white vinegar to 1 gallon of water and make your own!
  • Recoating: We recommend recoating your floors every 5-10 years depending on lifestyle of you and your family!