Acacia Wood Flooring InstallationThe value of a flooring installation or remodel

When you walk into a house, floor is most often the first thing you will notice. Hardwood floors not only add beauty to a room, they have practical values as well – they improve indoor air quality because they don’t hold in allergens and absorb dirt and grime like carpeted floors.
Hardwood floors are often the first improvement made by homeowners looking to improve the overall aesthetics. Replacing carpeted or tiled surfaces with custom hardwood flooring will create the illusion of a larger space and opens up the rooms.

Stain selection

The look and mood of a room is also influenced by the color and depth of wood and the stain you choose. A darker stain, like a Jacobean (dark brown) will add richness and depth to the floor. But it can also make a room look smaller. In the Northwest where skies are more overcast, a natural finish on an oak floor will add more light to the room and make it look larger.

Hardwood floors also increase the value of your home. If you are considering selling your house, and have older carpets, hardwoods create improved curb appeal. Would you like to understand how this can create a return on investment when you sell your home? Ask our trusted adviser Principal Broker, Matt Gorman, Bellairs & Gorman  or call today and schedule a FREE quote.

Acacia Wood Flooring Installation

Installation Methods

The method used to install a new floor depends on the existing floor. If you are looking to extend your hardwood flooring into a home addition, removing a wall or built in furniture, or have exposed sub-floor, here are a few methods used:


A lace-in is a method used to adjoin and match a new wood floor with an existing wood floor. For example, say you have a dining room with hardwood floors, next to a living room with a standard sub-floor and carpet. If you would like to seamlessly extend the hardwoods from the dining room to the living room, lace-in would be the appropriate method. It’s a bit more costly than an add-on because this requires removing boards at the  edge of the room in order to integrate new boards that will continue into the living room. Once stained and finished, the newly installed boards will blend with the living room floor, becoming one seamless floor.


An add-on is simply a header piece of wood installed where the the wood floor joins with another wood or other type of floor, such as tile or stone. Depending on the layout of the floor, the installer can lay it either parallel or perpendicular to the floor. Since there’s no need to pull up boards, it’s less expensive than the lace-in method.

Planning for your next project

Estimating the time and cost of a hardwood floor installation or remodel will require an in-person consultation to evaluate what will have to be removed or replaced prior to hardwood installation. This can include a tear out of the existing flooring, floor preparation including sub-floor evaluation, installation of vapor barrier to protect your floors from moisture, and more.