Hardwood Floors in Vintage and Historic Homes

IMG_0854Many homes built in Portland, Oregon, in the early 1900’s to circa 1950’s, also known as charmer homes, often have Fir hardwood floors under the carpet. In the 1950’s when carpet became the new thing and popular in Portland, homeowners commonly covered them up or even painted them.

If you have discovered hardwood under your carpet, there’s good news for you. Because Fir is a soft wood, after refinishing it, the story of its history will shine through. Even when the floors have been painted and become heavily worn through wear and tear over time, Calhoun and Son’s transforms old floors to give them renewed life.

Often, in houses built in Circa 1960-1970, Red Oak was the preferred choice based on supply and value. Commonly, we refinish and recoat these floors in Beaverton, West Linn, Oregon City, Tigard and Salem.

Calhoun and Son’s Hardwood Flooring serves the entire Portland Metropolitan area including Vancouver, Washington. If you are uncertain about the type of flooring you discover in your home, we would be glad to provide a free evaluation and estimate is repair is needed. OR use the button



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