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Fir Flooring Restoration

Category: Fir Flooring Restoration
This is an old farmhouse that had Fir flooring throughout the entire hours. It was originally painted, then covered up by carpet. Fir is often found in Circa 1950 houses but the natural wood color may not have been retained. Restoration typically takes longer to complete because there are more processes, so planning in advance is very important.

The images presented here demonstrate before sanding, after sanding and the finished floor of each room. In some instances, you may only see two processes for a room, but you get the idea of how this process looks from start to finish.

Calhoun and Son’s Hardwood Flooring will provide turnkey services which includes tearing out the existing flooring or carpet to complete restoration. In this particular situation, where carpet was attached, the preparation for sanding off paint included removing the nails and staples by hand. In addition, the paint removal process requires more aggressive sanding than removing old top coats of finish adding time to the project.

You can see by these images why our customers are ecstatic about restoration. These floors reveal a dramatic look with beauty and character created through age.